Toolroom Academy Analogue Arps & Atmospheres

Designed with customised patches on analogue hardware, Toolroom Academy’s latest collection of quality samples offer a wealth of analogue rich Arpeggiator sequences and pads, guaranteed to add character and movement to any production. All chord/note progressions and patterns are custom made, EQed, processed and lightly mastered for simple application to any production. Mostly 8 bars long, capturing chord progression and parameter automation, including filter cutoff and pulse width, allowing the samples to evolve and move.

100 Arpeggiator sequences, labeled in key and BPM are broken into 3 simple sections, namely; Bass, Melodic, & Tops, with 65 Atmosphere samples broken into Effects, Pads & Textures. Add some analogue dynamics to your latest production with this one essential pack, ready and waiting to drag and drop into your DAW.


Sample pack contents – 565 MB, 165 Samples in 24bit WAV, 44100 Sample rate.

35 x Bass Arps

40 x Melodic Arps

25 x Tops Arps

20 x Effects

20 x Pads

20 x Textures